SOLO Online Model Search 2011

by - November 23, 2011


This is my first time to join an online contest, a model search even.  I asked Kris if he can be my graphic artist/photographer and he got interested too!  YEA!  :)

First, the concept.  
The theme for the contest is 1940s Glam.  We searched the internet for pictures so we can have an idea about the whole outfit and look.  We decided to make it unique and a lot different from the other entries.  *wink  But I have to admit, I have my own favorite poster too!  Everyone did a great job! Cheers!

We browsed the Kenkoy Collection Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series which is a requirement as well.  We also looked for the venue.  Of course, it should be O.L.D. 

Question: What the hell happened here in the Philippines during 1940s?
Answer: Japanese Occupation
Question: So what?
Answer: War concept.

Second, the outfit.

We went to Trinoma to finally buy an outfit for the shoot.  We're still undecided at this point.  We spent half an hour deciding what to buy!  Pft.  We chose the Ladies' Embroidered Romper in Brown/Khaki.  LIGHT BULB!  That was perfect for our concept!

Another "first time" happened here as well.  It's the first time for me to use my credit card!  Yep, you're right.  MY FIRST SWIPE! Hahahaha. :)

Third, the shoot.
November 12, Saturday --- Photoshoot!

We decided to do it in UST, my Alma Mater! (Go USTe!)  The Main Building is sooooooo perfect for our concept.  

We went to Cosmo Salon at Dapitan St. for my hair.  We picked Katy Perry's look in her Thinking of You music video.

See below for pictures. :)

How about the make up?  It's obvious.  I did it. *wink

Fourth, editing.
So, what's the story behind our poster?

It's about losing your true love because of war, having to say goodbye for his duty to the country.  We decided to use a Japanese Title to depict the 1940s feel.  Kris played around with Sepia effect.  We chose this shot because this maximizes the background and the whole outfit as well (i love the chains!). We kept it clean and simple but cinematic and billboard-ish. *wink

Fifth, voting.
Friends, please vote 5 stars for our entry!
1. Register.
2. Check out our poster here and vote for 5 STARS.
3. Feel free to place a comment too! :)
4. Spread the word.

Honestly, just knowing that our entry is posted and reading comments make us feel like a winner already!  What more if we're in the top 20 posters and if we're picked as a finalist?!

Want more pictures?  Check out my FB album!

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Bwahahahaha! ;) AWESOME *wink*

  2. You're entry is one of my faves. :) I also entered the competition (this is my entry: ) I hope we can make it! God bless!

    I also like the editing of your photo. :)

  3. Thanks Analeah!! goodluck to us! one more day of voting! :) cheers!


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