Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Putting Together Your Basic Makeup Kit

by - December 02, 2011

Sorry guys for not posting lately, I've been busy with work. :)  Its understandable right?! 

Since I'm just starting my MUAH section, here's a helpful post for all of starters out there.  I would like to share how to start putting together a MAKEUP KIT.  I was against this 'thing' before because I thought that if you have this, you'll be identified as a "KIKAY" and I don't want that.  Yes, until now!  HUH!

My "upgraded" makeup kit. *wink

Here are some tips to start up your basic makeup kit.  I know you do have your own by now, but  I hope this still helps.  If you find a small bag, fill it up now. *wink

There are so many types of concealer to choose from.  Its really up to you what works best.  It helps cover your dark eye circles and blemishes.  Try the one that is one shade lighter than your complexion and the one that makes the most coverage.  
I'm using Maybelline Angel Fit Concealer in Light Beige.  I'm planning to try their other concealer products because mine will die soon. HAHA.. Its okay if you don't have a concealer brush since you can use your finger to blend it.  I prefer concealers with an applicator than concealer sticks.  Its very practical to buy the "not too expensive ones" too since you'll be using it a lot.   

Again, its not necessary to have a brush.  Most face powders, loose or not come with sponge or applicator.  It hides away the shiny effect of concealers or even foundations.  It is very handy as well when you have that "oily" moments.  #TrueStory
    You can also take note of your face powder's SPF level.  However, its not advised to use powder with SPF during pictorials.  You'll look like a ghost.   For sensitive skin, try mineralize face powders.

Filling your brows makes a significant effect on your overall look.  Its a must to keep yours nice and tidy.  You can also use eyebrow pencils but you should have a brush.  Apply it lightly, don't overuse unless there's a costume party.  :)

Since this is a basic makeup kit, you can start off with a duo or quad eye shadow palette.  For everyday wear,  I think primer is not necessary, but its up to you. :)  Choose light colors, not too loud, one that you can bring and use anywhere, anytime.  You can also buy a basic eye shadow brush, so that it will be perfectly applied on your lids. 

This is optional.  This adds definition to your eyes.  You can choose from pencil to liquid.  It really depends.  Don't use Mongol though. HAHA, just joking. :)
I prefer applying it closest to the upper lash line than the lower lash line.  

Mascara really helps brighten up your look.  It adds volume to your lashes making it more "alive".  It can open up your eyes a little more.

Now this is my favorite!  White or silver eyeliner pencils. :)  It really makes your eyes brighter.  I prefer this than black eyeliner for my lower lash line.  Its perfect day or night.  

Powder for oily skin and cream/liquid for dry skin.  One piece of advice, don't overuse blush on.  Always adjust it with your lipstick shade.  This adds color to your face.  

Most of the time, the color of your lips should match the color of your lids.  By match, I don't mean it should be the same.  Its very handy to have more than one lipstick.  

You can substitute lip gloss if you're not into lipstick.  Usually, they have a tint of color so you don't have to worry looking pale.  It adds a shiny effect but do take note that it can be sticky.  :)  
It can also be applied after your favorite lipstick, making your lips look fuller.

That's it!  You can now go to your favorite mall to buy some makeup essentials.  There are a lot of brands to choose from.  It depends on your budget though.  

Its not necessary to use all of these in one go.  Sometimes, I just use concealer, powder, blush on and lipstick.  Its up to you!  

So...... retouch when you need to retouch!

What's in your makeup kit right now?  Did I miss some of the essentials here?  Share it. :)

Thanks to Google for the pictures! :)

your sweetest drug,

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