BURP GUIDE REVISITED - Happy Lemon at Trinoma

by - January 24, 2012

November of last year, I had my first Happy Lemon experience.  Even though I'm not a milk tea fanatic, I enjoyed my drink and would like to try more.  :)

I did a quick trip to Trinoma to buy some stuff and meet my sisters there.  They asked me to buy them Happy Lemon drinks because they were curious as well.  :)

This branch is located at the Cinema Level, just beside Timezone.  As usual, "blockbuster line". :P

Yakult Green Tea , Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese and Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese

At first, my Yakult drink tasted a bit weird...HAHA!  I liked Cocoa RS&C more!  It's chocolatey-flavor was just fine.  Coffee RS&C?  Hmm.. so-so. :P

Meet my sisters...

You can check out my previous Happy Lemon post here.  

I heard that their newest branch is in SM Megamall.  

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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