For a Lady Who Loves Makeup

by - February 07, 2012

"I love the confidence that makeup gives me." -

Tyra Banks

We all have different views on makeup.  Some people would say that they don't like wearing it and some would like to have it at least everyday.   Some would prefer just having lipstick on and some would spend hours applying their eye shadow.  

Obviously, I love makeup.  I love it whether when i'm applying it or even just the makeup itself.  Makeup has several meanings for me. First, it is a form of artistry and creativity because nowadays, makeup is a profession.  There are a lot of makeup artists venturing out in this kind of work.  Of course, there are a lot of makeup schools who offer workshops now as well.  Its quite different before when makeup artists were only found in a salon.  

You can express yourself through different outfits and hairstyles.  Yes, that's a fact but don't forget that you can do that with makeup too.  For me, its an outlet.  When I'm feeling happy, I'll put on colors for my eye shadow.  You get the idea. :)  With makeup, you can create dramatic looks with just a few tricks or even play with it depending on your mood.

I really can't remember exactly when this started.  Around 5th-6th grade, I had my lip gloss/lip balm already...HAHA!  I always had loose powder in my bag.  Sometimes, I put some on my handkerchief and saved it for the rest of the day.

Around 2nd year highschool, I learned to apply black eyeliner because of the Avril Lavigne days. :P

How about college days?  Hmmm... I just used loose powder, lipstick, lipgloss, white eyeliner, blush on, concealer and mascara.  I was not wearing them everyday all at the same time because we all know, we love to rush during college. :)

I also want you to meet that number one person who inspires me on makeup.... Michelle Phan.  I've been watching her videos even before she got...well.. famous. :)  I really like her creativity and personality....and of course, she's so pretty!  She really deserves everything in her career right now.

I learned how to do my own eye shadow after I joined a pageant.  I started with two colors, blending them in then, I learned how to use three or four colors.  I just love eye shadows because it creates a little drama...HAHA! :P

For me, makeup is not just about looking better....its all about FEELING BETTER.  It makes you more confident.  It makes you feel beautiful.  Remember that its not just about enhancing your looks.

I really don't mind people who hates makeup on others and think that they just look pretty with that color on their face.  We must not forget that being beautiful does not rely totally on the outside, but also inside.  

Go ahead and don't be afraid to try...yep, TRY to see how it can change the way you feel about yourself.  

Good luck.

your sweetest drug,

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