My Guitar

by - February 16, 2012

This is Kris' Christmas gift to me and I wasn't able to blog about it since then...HAHA.

Look at Ber!

I learned to play guitar last year, around September.  I'm still learning though. :P  I'm still not used to the B and F chords.  I can't place my hand easily when I need to use a bar. :(

Its an Ibanez guitar, still shiny and sleek. :)  I haven't bought a guitar case because its quite expensive. :(  

It has a built-in tuner and pick-up, just exactly the one I was wishing for.  I can put in the cord and attach it to a speaker and YAY... instant gig! :P

Here's a song for you guys.  So Slow by Freestyle.  This was made without practice, so sorry for the misses! :)

What do you think?  Any request?  HAHA :P

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Dami kong sabet!!! hihihihi ;)

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