What's In My Bag?

by - May 08, 2012

gold bars? a creature? the mjolnir? :P

I just posted about my beach bag essentials last week.  Now, let's take a peek inside my everyday bag.  By everyday, I mean my office bag.  :)  I didn't take the actual photos of my stuffs though, so I just made a collage.

1. Wallet - where you can find all of my credit card receipts...HAHA!  No cash!  :(
2. Tissue - I don't usually bring a handkerchief.
3. Eyeglasses - Kris will get mad if I forget this because that would mean "Hello, migraine!" for me, but it's okay if I have my contact lens.  Poor eyesight. :(
4. iPhone - Communication is important.
5. Ray Ban Wayfarer - My best bud!
6. Wet Tissue - I put this inside a smaller black bag together with all of my toiletries.  I have two types of wet tissue, a regular one and another anti-bacterial to use when I need to remove my contact lens.
7. Medicine Box - I have band aid and other basic meds.
8. Headset - When I forget to bring this, it would be an instant bad day.
9. Toothbrush and Toothpaste - The first thing to find after eating when you have braces. :P
10. Liquid Soap - I put some of my Victoria's Secret Body Wash into a small container and used it as a hand soap.
11. Pen - For doodle time...HAHA!  My planner is in my laptop bag.
12. Stipple Brush - for retouching. :)
13. Makeup Bag - a.k.a. "kikay kit", but I don't like to call it like that.  :P
14. Lip Liners - Know more about 'em here and here.     
15. Eye Liners - I have black and silver.
16. Lipsticks - I have two from MAC, both gifts, New Temptation and Bombshell.  Two again from Maybelline, one from Wet 'N Wild and a Baby Lips lip balm.
17. Oil Control Film - to control that extra shine.  Know more about it here.
18. Blush - from Clinique.
19. Sharpener - just a small one for my pencils.
20. Eyebrow Razor - I can also use this one for self-defense...HOHO!
21. Face Powder - check mine here.
22. Alcohol Spray - a bit OC.
23. Nail Cutter - I hate it when my nails get long!
24. Hair Elastics and Pins - for my messy bun.
25. Face Brush - just a small one that I use to get that matte lip look.  How?  Check my video here.
26. Concealer - thanks to whoever invented this!  :P  I'm using one from E.L.F., check it here.

Lastly, my ID and keys!  So, that's it!  I squeeze all of these into my bag...HAHA!  Of course, I also have a "lesser" version of this for my WEEKEND bag.  I usually leave all the extras to fit that smaller bag.

Hope you like this post!  Watch out for the next one, coming these next few days.  I'll feature some of my teammates to share their.....uhm........... well, let's just say..........."things".  HAHA, I'll let you guys to just wait for it. :)  Clue?  A common topic in a magazine, your top "chorva" things! :P

Please feel free to click the links to know more about each stuff above. :)

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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