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by - July 23, 2012

If you are a fashion fanatic, for sure you are a follower of Ms. Laureen Uy's blog called Break My Style.  She is the top fashion blogger with over 1 million total unique views and 4 thousand page views per day.  That's a big WOW!  O_o  How I wish my blog would have that awesome stats too!!! HAHA! :)

I'm super excited to share to you a blog post of the one and only Laureen Uy about our shop.  

She picked this black and yellow sleeveless sheer polo from the June Collection.  

She paired it with another stripey long dress and rocked the Japanese-y look!  Horizontal plus vertical stripes in action!

Remember how I matched this top with the black sheer palazzo pants?  You can check it here.  This bottom is still available and on sale!!! 

To read more about her post, check here.  Personally, I really loved her look because it's edgy and fun.  

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your sweetest drug,

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