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by - July 05, 2012

The nearest major malls from our house are Trinoma and SM North EDSA.  That's why if it's already time for a pedicure, I don't have to go somewhere else and suffer from more heavy traffic. Apparently, there are only few nail spas in these malls.  SM The Block has Tips 'N Toes, Nail Spa and some other salon/beauty shops that offer nail services.  Trinoma has Beauty Bar, but I think they only do hands.  I'm not sure.

I didn't like Tips 'N Toes and it was super difficult to find a slot in Nail Spa, so I got frustrated.  Time for me to try out the others.

I was with Jaela and we were searching for a new playhouse to try.  I passed by this spa at SM Main (3rd Floor) called Laxare.

They have reasonable price for their services.  If I remember correctly, a pedicure costs 170 but they require 50 pesos extra charge for their branded nail polish.  Quite expensive, huh?

The foot and hand services are done at the open area after the reception.  The body massage and all other spa services are done inside.

Of course, they will soak your feet in warm water.  I liked the smell of their soap. :)  The cleaning part was quite fast but it was good.  

For the nail color, I chose pastel hues from ORLY, of course.  They have a lot.

These babies are named Gumdrop and Cotton Candy from Orly's Sweet Spring Collection.  I spent 100 pesos since I picked two branded.

So, how did I use both?  Ah, well.. just alternate.. HAHA!

What do you think of my pastel nails? HAHA! :D  

your sweetest drug,

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  1. such fun for u to have a nail spa! :)

    keep in touch! xx

    1. thanks, Brenda! :D just want to pamper those abused feet.. haha


    1. sorry to hear about the bad massage experience... the pedicure was nice though

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