I'm Drinking Milk Tea!

by - August 23, 2012

Remember when I said that I'm not a milk tea fanatic?  HAHA!  Let me eat my words then!

I tried to take a sip some from my friends' and I didn't like it.  Recently, I decided to give it some practice.  :P

First, I tried some flavored ones like wintermelon and caramel.  It tasted good, actually.  I was asking people what will they recommend for a not-so milk tea lover like me.  

Kris begged me (begged talaga?! HAHA) to try this milk tea place called Gong Cha.  Is it just me... or you, too sing it like "Gong cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?!" (shocks, ang corny ko.) :P

The usual thing about milk tea places?  The crowd.  It's jam-packed as well.  :)

So, to continue my 'practice', I ordered the Gong Cha Earl Grey Milk Tea.

Actually, this was my second time to try it.  This time, with Grass Jelly.  I don't like pearls.

Finally, I can say that I love milk tea too! :)  The grass jelly was just too many and I got a bit irritated.  

Thumbs up for their special milk cream!  Make sure you buy the house specials instead of the ordinary ones. :)

I love their cups too!  They can be re-used!

Can you suggest another milk tea spot for me?  I'm excited to try them all! :)

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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