Skin Care 101 - Etude's Wonder Pore Freshner Toner

by - August 02, 2012

Before, I never cared much of skin care routines.  Just as long as I have my facial wash, that would be enough.  This has changed when I got irritated about those visible pores around the nose area.  Argh!  I hate 'em! Ever since, I've been searching for the perfect toner that can solve this problem.

Yes, regular facial can save you from this...but... I can't endure the pain from pricking.  I want a painless, cheap but effective solution for these shouting pores!

After some time, this toner from Etude came to my rescue.  At first, I was kinda hesitant to give in and buy this.  Why?  Ah, well.. for a couple of reasons.  First, for me it's a bit expensive and hello.. look at the size.  Aanuhin ko naman ang ganitong kalaking toner?!  But then, I realized that this baby could last for several months.  Talk about sulit, right?  

798 php

Etude had the 250 ml and mist bottle version of this product.  Now, they only have this 500 ml which I always compare to a bottled water.  :)

Wonder Pore is just one of Etude's line of skin care products.  They call this toner as "freshner".  It  promises us 7 total pore solution.  WOW!  

I've been using this for almost a month now and with that, I think it's just about the right time to post a review about this amazing toner.

Let's talk about the 7 superpowers of this superhero. :D

1. Maintain ph - I read about 4.5 ph level being the suitable one to protect our skin from bacterial growth and irritation.  Ph level 4.5 to 5.5 is the best for our skin.  This just about the natural and balanced level.

2. Refine the skin tones - I haven't noticed this yet, but it's fine since I'm using a whitening soap.

3. Keep the elasticity of pores - I love this.  Compared to strong toners around, this product doesn't leave your skin too tight.  Noticed sometimes after applying your cleansers, it's just like something is on your face that causes it to tighten too much?  Tsktsk.  Sorry for dropping name, but I tried Eskinol long before and it's just the perfect example.  

4. Deep cleanses pores - After several weeks of loving this freshner, I noticed that my pores became less visible.  Before, after not having facial for a month or so, the dirt on the nose area was just too many.  I'm not saying that now, it's 100% no large pores for me..but this toner really works it's magic, or shall I say superpowers. :D

5. Minimize the appearance of pores - This is definitely not a sponsored post and I know for sure that pores won't be gone overnight, but I'm confident to say that this is really an effective product.  I haven't reached half of the bottle, still a long way to go but so far, so good!

6. Control a large amount of sebum - I can't testify on this right now since as you know, my skin is a bit dry.  Luckily, aside from controlling the extra oil on the face, it maintains just the right amount of moisture.  Love it!

7. Moisturize inside and outside of skin - As I have said, this toner won't leave that lovely face of yours dry and too tight.  

Whoa!  I've written too much...HAHA!  It just proves how much I love this product from Etude.  

Now, let's talk about even more good things about Wonder Pore.

Thumbs up for the packaging!  That's a plus factor why I bought this product...HAHA!  The color is so nice and the plastic box is so cute!  Too bad I can't understand Korean that much, but hey, I can read!  

It also comes in a lid-dispenser.  I don't know what to call that...HAHA!  This makes it even more lovable, very easy to use.  Just grab a cotton ball or pad, put it on the top and push.  It will instantly dispense the liquid formula.

I also put some into a smaller spray bottle so I can bring some anywhere, anytime. :)  Since, it's a freshner, you can just spray onto your face whenever you need some pore lovin'.  

I really can't think of anything bad about Wonder Pore Freshner.  If you still complain about the size, I suggest you can share this with your sister or friend.  :)

Oh, yea, the smell?  It's super nice!  It's not strong and irritating.  

No breakouts for me as well!  I really recommend this product.  We all have different skin types and conditions, but I know that this works for me.  Super true.  I might be sticking to this unless Etude discontinue this toner.

Glad you enjoyed this post.  I've met the wonder woman for my pores. <3

Visit Etude's FB Page to get the latest updates on their promo and other products.  

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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  1. im using their Be Clean Toner, it has whitening they say so that's the one I bought :)

    1. i want to try yung isa pang product sa wonder pore line.. :)

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