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by - October 30, 2012

At first, I had no plans in posting about our Binondo food trip, but I really want to share this to you.

We had our quick team building at Binondo.  Walk, sit, eat and walk again.  It's very tiring, but I really enjoyed the food.  I didn't take many photos and just used my iPhone, so I grabbed some from my teammate's album.  :P  Thanks ROY!

with Rachelle, Desa, Kris, Nikki, Joyce, Kim and Jeng

Before I showcase the food, let me give you a little background first.  Binondo, Manila is our Chinatown here in the Philippines.  Aside from food, you can also find Chinese items and other merchandise here.  Stores are everywhere!  It's also a one jeep away from SM Manila, Lucky Chinatown Mall and Intramuros.

If you're planning to visit, just make sure you take care of your belongings, wear the comfiest outfit and try at least one or two of these amazing dishes!  And yes, don't forget to buy many pasalubong for the fam bam!  

Let's start with Chuan Kee!

I forgot the exact name of this, but if I remember correctly, this is chicken maki soup.  We also tried the sticky rice or the Kiampong.  I didn't like both though.  You can easily spot Chuan Kee because the store is located at the corner of Ongpin St. and it's an open space.  They have a big menu, so good luck in choosing your food.  It's a fast food in turo-turo style. :P  

Next, Eng Bee Tin.  

*photo from here

Don't forget to try their new hopia flavor, custard!!!  Woah!  I can eat this forever!  Hopia mongo is also my favorite.  You can also see Eng Bee Tin stores in some grocery and malls.  A pack of 4 pieces hopia starts at 40 plus pesos.  

Next, Tasty Dumplings.

Forget the noodles and devour the porkchop immediately!  HAHA!  After trying this dish, I said... "I will come back and eat you with rice!"  I never imagined that a simple porkchop can be this delicious!  It has a thin coat of breading and sauce and the other sauce completes this!  The slice is thin, but look at the size.  Super sulit for only 105 pesos!

Next, Po Heng Lumpia.

Spell authentic Chinese lumpia...HAHA!  I love this veggie roll ever since.  My mommy does her own version of this, Pinoy style, of course.  I recommend this dish as an afternoon snack.  It's very cheap too!

Next, Wai Ying.

If you're looking for dumplings, try this.  Very yummy sharksfin and hakaw!  I also tried duck meat  and congee for the first time!  I was very satisfied on the taste and serving.  We'll definitely go back!  Check out other dishes since their menu is also huge.

Next, Lan Zhou La Mien.

We were already full when we got here.  This is located beside Wai Ying, so imagine us taking only a few steps after eating that bowl of congee.... next,  bowl of noodles!  

They serve hand-pulled noodles, meaning of the store name.  You can even watch too! HAHA!  :)  The noodle soup tasted great.  We ordered beef and I compared it to North Park's Nan King Noodles.  What I love about them????  They serve wansoy (cilantro) leaves!!!  My weed!  *wink 

Next, we shopped at Mandarin Square.  There's a small Chinese/Korean grocery.  We also tried The Tea, but it didn't beat Gong Cha in my milk tea list.  

After a few minutes of rest, we tried the Fried Siopao.  Yum!  A must try!

For the main event, LGA Estero.  What to eat here?  Drum roll please....... FFFFFFFROG LEGS!

I don't like exotic and creepy food.... BUT!!!!! ...for the sake of "YOLO"... I ate it.  HAHAHAHAHAH! :P

The meat looked and tasted like chicken, but the bones were killing me!  I took a small, few bites and it's done.

Of course, like I said, a Binondo trip won't be complete without pasalubong!  We bought more hopia and other stuff at Ho-Land and Eng Bee Tin before going home.

That's it!  My fave Chinatown resto called Big Bowl was not in our list.  It's also a must try!  Big servings and affordable dishes!

After this trip, I realized that not all great dining places are found in the mall.  Some amazing and very delicious dishes don't have to be too expensive.  Some are hidden here in Binondo, waiting to be discovered.  :)

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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  1. eng bee tin!! love their ube hopia and tikoy rolls!

  2. Oh my gosh. I know this post is so last year and I really hope the places and food you have mentioned here are still there, because come Feb 11th my beau and I are gonna go food tripping.

    And those frog legs? We are so eating them!!

    1. Go and try! It's Chinese New Year so perfect timing to explore Binondo. :)


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