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by - October 10, 2012

We got vouchers from MetroDeal that featured a lunch buffet at Midas Hotel for only 700 plus pesos.  Not bad!  We were almost eating at buffet restos every week of September.  It's our third time!  First, Tong Yang and second, Sambokojin.  We love to eat!!! Getting fat together... HAHA!

Midas Hotel is located along Roxas Boulevard near Pasay intersection.  I just love the theme, it's more on modern... low ceilings and full of mirrors. :)

Midas Cafe is located at the second floor.  They also have a casino at the ground level.  It is required to make a reservation to ensure that you'll be accommodated.

They also have a Japanese restaurant.  I think they offer eat all you can vouchers as well.

Upon reaching the reception area, we were assisted immediately to our table.

See?  Mirrors everywhere!  Now, let's look at the food!

My favorite is on the top left.... Lengua Estofada!  It's very very delicious!  Actually, meat is tender, melts in your mouth.  The right one is Beef Caldereta.  I forgot the other one but it's something seafood, too salty for me.

My other favorite.... vegetable fried rice.  They say that in eat-all-you-can restaurants, you should not go for rice.  Well, that's not possible for me.  HAHA! :P  They have also steamed veggies like broccoli and regular rice.

Here's another shot.  They also have lamb patty, chicken pastel and a lot more.

Another must try!!! BAKED SALMON.  Yep, need to emphasize that. HAHA!  Don't forget to add the caper sauce.  It tasted a bit weird at first, but really complements the fish.

You can also ask them to cook raw seafood and meat for you.  You can have it grilled or cooked in butter garlic like our shrimp here above.  Beside it, we had beef/tenderloin and seafood kebab.  Yum!

This is their dessert station.  We're really full that time so we were not able to try most of it.  Chocolate fondue, truffles, churros with melted chocolate dip and other baked goodies.

That's me!

Fruit tarts...

Next, salad station.  They also have European dishes here at the center table.  Mongolian station is at the other side.

Raw meat and fresh seafood station.  Just pick some and send it over to the chef.  *wink

Back to dessert.... our crepe in the making. :)

Choose your toppings and fillings.  They have kiwi, mango, strawberry and blueberry.

Kids and kids at heart will surely love the chocolate fondue.

We haven't tried any bread.  They also have pumpkin soup here.

Next, noodle station.  They have few toppings, but the soup is very good!

If you want pasta, you can also ask a chef to cook one for you.  Just grab few ingredients here and select your own sauce.  

Their open kitchen...

My pasta was too salty too... :(

Here's our kiwi and mango crepe with vanilla ice cream!

More photos!

They have fresh fruits too!

Feeling sleepy after eating!  

Overall, I was really satisfied in Midas Cafe buffet.  Food selection is not too many compared to other hotel buffets, but a very good deal indeed.  

What I love about it:
  • Very nice presentation
  • Friendly staff
  • Clean
  • Good value for money
  • Delicious dishes
They also serve:
  • Coffee
  • Different types of cheese
  • Soda and unlimited juice/iced tea
  • Few sushi
I have nothing negative to say about this restaurant.  I think they should just expand more and serve more food and it will be perfect. :)

I really recommend trying Midas Cafe.  Go ahead and avail the voucher while it's available! 

What do you think?

Check out their website here for other information.

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