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by - October 17, 2012

Finally!! We had a chance to try this restaurant that brought the katsu-craze here in the Philippines!  

Restaurants like this one is worth the wait.  Be ready to face a long queue especially around dinner time.  

As of now, they have two branches, one at SM Megamall and the other at Robinsons Magnolia.  The third one is coming up at SM Mall of Asia.  I hope that would mean shorter waiting time for us, Yabu fanatics. :)

kris' photo on Yabu's menu... hahahaha! peace baby!

I'd like to share this post to those who haven't tried Yabu.  :)  Just like us, first timers! 

Yabu badge! :P

Yabu's menu is just right.  You won't have a hard time choosing.  Plus, some of the dishes include unlimited rice and cabbage!  Wait, I should say.... unlimited Japanese rice!  Yum! 

dressings, seasonings, katsu sauce

Sesame seeds, right?  You must try this with Tonkatsu or Katsu sets.  First thing to do after ordering.... grind!

Next, time to pour!  I really admire Yabu's way of bringing that "Japanese look and feel".  From their utensils to interior design, I can really say that this is not your ordinary Japanese restaurant.  :)

They serve bottomless house blend iced tea for 90 php.  If you're feeling extra thirsty, you can also try fresh fruit shakes for the same price.


For our first visit, we tried Seafood Katsu Set 1 for 485 php.  It consists of tiger prawn, scallop, cream dory, oyster and squid.  

Presentation is very important to Yabu.  I can tell by the way they serve every meal.  Time to practice my chopsticks skills!  HAHA!  With every order like this, you get cabbage, fruit slices, miso soup and rice.  

Rosu Katsu Curry (330 php)

Look at that!! ...very big servings!  You'll never leave Yabu feeling hungry.  :P

The taste?  Can I just skip this part because remembering it now makes me crave for Yabu again?!!!  :P

miso soup

Sometimes, people patronize a restaurant not only because of the food, but because of the excellent service.  That's another reason to go back to the House of Katsu.  When we ate there, it seemed that there's an exclusive waiter per table!  It came to a point when we didn't need to get their attention to ask for something because they're always there!  The manager also asked us if we're enjoying our food and we can't help but smile and say yes. :)  

If you haven't visited Yabu, it's not too late!  You should try!!!  Be their guest! :)

What I love about it:
  • Big servings
  • Unlimited rice and cabbage
  • Presentation
  • Excellent service
  • Very nice interior
  • Authentic Japanese cuisine
  • Excellent food
  • Addicting :)
  • Fast service

What I don't like about it:
  • Long lines (but it's worth the wait :) )
  • Small dining space

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What's your favorite Yabu dish?  Tell me about it below.  I wanna try it too! :)

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