Angel Brown Geo/Circle Contact Lens

by - November 20, 2012

I've been using contact lens since 2010.  I begged for a pair from my Ate and she gave it to me as a graduation gift.  The first lens that I used was Angel Gray.  I also bought a black circle lens in 15 mm diameter.  Next to that, Angel Brown.

Circle lens originated in Korea.  The major purpose of these is to make your iris appear larger.  This type of contact lens has been a hit mainly because of cosplays here in the Philippines.  I also call them Anime eyes.  :)  They have a variety of colors and effects even up to the creepiest ones.

We all know that Asian eyes are usually small.  Thus, using a lens like this is a big help for them....hey wait I'm an Asian too!  :P

I'll share 3 other contacts on my next posts.  First, let's check out Angel Brown.

This color/design is from the Angel series.  I love this set!!!!  The color is vivid and it has that black circle at the outer part. It also has small black lines which really stand out when worn.

Now, let me share to you the photos.

No contact lens - No flash

No contact lens - Natural light

No contact lens - With flash

No lens - Half shot

With lens - Half shot

See the difference?  By the way, I bought this online at Contact Lens Exchange for 17 USD.  It's on sale.  Original price is 20++ USD.  Shipping fee to Manila is quite expensive, 8++ USD plus, I had to pay 40 pesos to postal office in order to claim the parcel.  I  bought this December of last year, so it will expire soon.  

If you can wait and the price looks okay to you, you can buy at this online shop.  Me?  I won't purchase there again because it took a month before I received my order.  Whew!  I think it came from Malaysia.  I'm not really sure if it's because of customs.

Anyway, back to the review..... more photos below.

With lens - With flash and with falsies... HAHA!  (Look!! my black hair!)

With lens - Side View - With flash

With lens - No flash

See the black outline?   It really looks good on photos.  This is 14 mm in diameter and with grade.  I won't use non-graded lenses just for the sake of photos or makeup. I have poor eyesight so I really need this when I don't feel like wearing my eyeglasses.

Take note that when choosing the lens color, check the natural color of your eyes first.  I have dark brown iris, almost close to black.  When I looked for a brown contact lens, I didn't hesitate to pick Angel Brown.

I usually just wear these for a maximum of 8 hours.  Our eyes need to breathe too!  Since, it's bigger than an ordinary lens, it covers your iris completely.  Thus, preventing air/oxygen to come in.  

Circle lenses are comfortable to wear, but when it's too windy or cold, it starts to irritate my eyes.  That's why I don't usually wear them in the office.  

Ichi with glasses looks okay too, right???? <3  I swear, I can't read anything if it's too small and too far.  Sometimes, I can't even recognize faces too.  Tsktsk... 

Since I'll be doing another post on circle lenses, let me share to you tips on buying first.
  • Ask yourself if you really need it.  Most circle lenses last up to 1 year (like mine), but if you are not really comfy wearing these and you plan to just wear them once a month or so, then don't buy, just save your money.  
  • Having them for cosmetic purposes is okay, not a problem.
  • Check your eye health first.  Consult an eye doctor for your eye grade or any other eye condition.  
  • Check the natural color of your iris.  Choose the lens color that best suits you.  Remember, lenses are not like clothes or shoes.  You can't fit or try them on, so picking the right pair is a little tricky.
  • If you are having second thoughts about the store, don't buy from them.  Look for another one.  Check if they are a legit distributor/seller.  Buying from a shop outside the Philippines can be too expensive, but make sure you stay away from scammers if you intend to buy locally.  There are a lot of China versions... in short.. fake.  
  • There is an anti-fake system/site wherein you can type in the unique code (can be found on the bottle) of your lens to check if it's legit.  Be 101% sure.
  • Also make sure you have budget for contact lens solution.  
  • Check local optical stores first because they sell contact lens too.  
Hope this helps.  Good luck in your contact lens shopping!  Let me know what you've picked. :)

What do you think about Angel Brown?  Let me know by commenting below.

If you want more pictures with this lens, just browse my blog. :)

your sweetest drug,

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