BURP GUIDE - A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria

by - November 08, 2012

This restaurant is in our list when we want to indulge in pizza and pasta.  Why???  Because of their big servings.  One plate of pasta and a slice of pizza will satisfy us already.

It's not expensive looking, so people might not consider this a lot.  The place is very simple compared to others.  It's my second time at A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria, so let me share some of their food.  I just used my iPhone, so sorry for the low quality pictures.

Chicken Wings (170 php)
Deep fried chicken wings and lollipops marinated in exotic herbs and spices smothered in rich sweet chili sauce.

Our pasta time won't be complete without having chicken wings on the side, whether it's buffalo or this sweet chili.  This dish is simple.  For me, it tasted like home-made, nothing special but satisfying enough.

They have a few best sellers, but we chose something simple.... a 4-cheese pizza.  You can create your own slice!  Of course, price depends on the number of toppings. :)

I enjoyed it!! Supah like!  Very tasty!  :)  ..but it didn't beat Brooklyn's white pizza (my opinion only...HAHA!)
Classic Carbonara (255 php)

For the pasta, we ordered cream based.  Kris said that A Veneto serves great oil-based pasta, but I only eat white and red sauce, so I didn't consider...HAHA!  :)

See??  Really big serving!  Parang isang kilo ata to eh! :P

It's slightly overcooked, but the sauce was creamy and flavorful.  It's almost perfect except for the presentation.  

A Veneto's food selection is quite wide, but the menu is organized and you won't have troubles choosing.  They also have several branches at major malls around the city.  We'll definitely go back. :)

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