BURP GUIDE - Bag of Beans

by - December 28, 2012

We had a quick getaway to Tagaytay last month and took some photos as well for The Chic Closet's holiday collection.  If you haven't checked our latest set, visit our shop.  :)

Actually, we were also planning to try a famous food spot there.  For this week's Burp Guide post, let me share to you our experience at the Bag of Beans.

a very nice black and white photo by Kris

this shot reminds me of horror houses.. hohohoh..

This top Tagaytay resto is the perfect spot if you want good food and a quiet time with your family, friends or special someone.  We came there around dinner time and gladly, there were only a few people inside.  They also decorated the place so we felt the Christmas spirit already.  :)

Thumbs up for the ambiance... really peaceful and relaxing.  

These lamps welcomed us.  The lights made the place very dramatic.  

During weekdays, you can choose these comfy cabanas without the consumable fee.  

Since it's already dark, expect some mosquitoes to join you.  :P  But they have coil under the tables to shoo them away.  

They also have this area aside from the ones outside.  

The place can really accommodate any number of customers.  

Since I've already shown you the place, let's now check out the food.

We were looking for a light dinner, but ended up with a heavy meal.

It was really a cold night and I decided to try their coffee.  I heard that they have the best mix.

No questions asked, I ordered their best seller... Freshly Brewed House Blend (105 pesos).  They serve it with milk and sugar.  

It tasted like homemade coffee.  It's a bit strong so I had to add two cups of milk.

Foamy.  :)

I wasn't able to finish all of it so they transferred it in a paper cup for take out.

We also tried Cream Broccoli soup with free bread and butter (130 pesos).

It's very delicious.  Perfect for the chilly night.

Next, my pasta.

This is their own version of carbonara.  They call it Spaghetti with Cream Sauce (280 pesos).

It's indeed, creamy.  However, a weird thing happened when we took it home and reheat it.  The oil appeared all over.  It's like swimming.  :P  Nevertheless, the taste was just fine and big serving too.

Kris was drooling about their breakfast sets, but decided to have pancakes instead.

3 layers of yummy pancakes with chocolate chips (185 pesos).

I think all of their food here are good for two hungry tummies.  :)

We were satisfied with everything.  We will definitely visit Bag of Beans again.  

Here's a peek on their menu. 

Of course, let me share our pictures as well. :)

doing his job... hahaha

my turn to be his photographer too!

spotted!  :P

What do you think?

Sorry for a picture heavy post.  I also had to finish it very quickly because I haven't started packing.  We'll go to Cebu and Bohol tomorrow!  Yay!  :)

your sweetest drug,

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