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by - December 17, 2012

Keeping our makeup brushes clean is a must.  Storing them properly and wiping them with tissue won't be enough.  They tend to pickup bacteria and you don't want to put that on your face.  Previously, I have already posted about a daily brush cleaner that I'm using, check it here.  Now, from the same brand, featuring.... their Brush Shampoo.

I wasn't able to take photos cleaning the brushes, I hope this is okay.  Alright, let's start.

I know you'll ask.... Can I just use a regular shampoo or conditioner?  Is dish washing liquid safe too?  My answer is, it is really up to you, but finding the right product to use is a bit difficult.  Sometimes, the tendency is that it will give your brushes a "bad hair day". :)

I also tried Michelle Phan's DIY brush cleaner using extra virgin olive oil and dish washing liquid.  It's really effective.

Trying out product shots here... HAHA!  The bubbles here in the photo are not from the shampoo itself.

First, the scent.  It's not strong, same with the daily brush spray.  It's good actually.  It really cleanses well.  I recommend not to mix it with water when using.  It doesn't produce much bubbles compared to an ordinary shampoo we use.  Just pour over a small amount directly and work from there. :)

Synthetic or not, the effect is just the same.  A dirty brush will be squeaky clean after.  Just a reminder, don't blow dry them!  Hang them downwards (brush facing the floor/handle at the top).  You can wipe them gently first and hang to dry.  In this way, extra water will drip outwards.      

My tip is to use elastics/rubber to bind all the brushes together and use a wire/cable to tie it up somewhere.  :)

If you're interested in trying this brush shampoo, purchase it from our shop.  It's on sale.  :)

What do you think?

You can visit ELF FB page here.  They always do online raffles.  :)

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