My Letter to Santa!

by - December 04, 2012

The real countdown to Christmas is on!!!  Excited??  For me, this is the time to give back and share my blessings to my loved ones.  .....but it won't hurt if I ask for gifts too, right????

I looked back and found my Christmas wish list last year.  Check it here.  I'm happy to say that I got 4 and a half out of the 10!  :P

I know Santa's preparing all the Christmas gifts, so I must have my wish list ready!

Vanity Kit
I got this photo from Ms. Laureen Uy's blog.  She has this makeup bag/kit from Dashe Cosmetics. Looks like a "transformer".. :P  My makeup will be happy in this crib!

Wedge Pump Shoes
I decided not to sell my wedge shoes anymore, but I want more in different colors... coral, teal, purple....  :)

Nude Pump Shoes
Dearest Santa..... I'm size 7!

Shoe Rack
Since we are talking about shoes here, why not wish for a shoe rack???

Oxygen Paris Watch
A watch is still in my list, but I want this multi-strap watch from Oxygen Paris.  :)

Guitar Case
I badly need a guitar case... ooops, that reminds me... my guitar is 1 year old already. :)

Ray Ban Aviator
What color should I choose?

iPhone 5
I guess we would see this in every Christmas wishlist out there.  I'm having a feeling that it's time to let go of my iPhone 4.  :P

Canon Camera
This is GX 1.  I want a camera that takes awesome photos way better than other point and shoot but small and handy enough.

BIGBANG Crown Stick
I can forget everything else on this list..... I really really want to have a crown stick!!!

Okay, that's it Santa!!!  We all have our own wishlist, but let's not forget that Christmas will still be merry even without these presents.  I am even more excited just thinking about wrapping my gifts for my friends and family and of course, the food!!! :)

How about you?  What's in your Christmas wishlist???

your sweetest drug,

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