BURP GUIDE - Casa Verde, Cebu

by - January 15, 2013

When visiting other places in our amazing homeland, we often look for the perfect place to eat.  Of course, it has to be way different than what we can find in Manila and it has to be budget friendly.

On our trip to Cebu, we discovered this hidden casa (Spanish for private house).  Food, servings, ambiance, price, name it... all in one place.

Add Casa Verde to the list of restos to visit in Cebu.  My first impression was.... it looked very similar to the dining spots in Intramuros.  It is an American-style casual dining restaurant.  You can eat outside or in the first floor of the house.

We went for dinner after our adventurous trip to Danasan.  I'll tell you about it next time.  :)  Be sure you make reservations because as I noticed, it's jam-packed.

Let's go straight to the food.

Baked pork ribs with sweet, tnagy piquet sauce served with rice and corn and carrots.

This is their best seller.  We call it Baby Dinosaur Meal.  They call it Brian's ribs.  I forgot the price , but I think it's around 200 pesos plus.  It looked bigger than pictures above.  Trust me.  When I say big, I mean really really BIG.  HAHA!

Forgot the name, sorry..

This sizzling chicken with cheese came with tortilla and sides (tomatoes, cheddar cheese, cabbage and sour cream sauce).  I enjoyed this dish because of the melted cheese on top of the chicken fillet.

Some say I'm cold,but handle me with care coz I'm hot to hold... Chocolate cake filled with chocolate lava, topped with vanilla ice cream and covered in crunchy chocolate shell.

For dessert, we tried Lauren's Lava.  It's made of vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate and chocolate sponge cake.  The bottom was warm, it's a perfect pair.  It's not too sweet and with the size, it would be enough for 3 to 4 people.

This dessert is to die for.  Chocolate and nutty rocky road ice cream mixed with chocolate bar bits on a bed of chocolate cookie crust, drizzled with chocolate syrup.

If you are truly a chocolate lover, try this one.... Death by Chocolate.  Too bad, we took the wrong angle, but this looked like a block of rocky road ice cream.  It's like a quarter of a dome. :P

That's it.  I wasn't able to note down the price of each, but I promise... it really won't hurt your wallet. 

Visit Casa Verde's FB page and website for the complete menu and for more information.  They have 3 branches in Cebu already.  :)

What do you think?

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