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by - January 09, 2013

Let me start my Cebu-Bohol trip story with our first dinner at Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant.

We're not able to take many photos since Kris' camera acted up.  Boo.  Still, I want to share our first, little feast in the Queen of the South.  

Introducing... Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant.  It's located in Mactan, Cebu... few minute drive from Mactan Airport.  Kuya Vince and Ate Krishna made the reservation.  Yes, it's a must if you don't want to wait for a table especially around dinner time.  

They said that there's a similar restaurant located in a mall in Cebu City.  This one in Mactan is the original. :)

The place is very spacious.  They have an open kitchen and countless waiter/waitress ready to serve each table.  From the word native, expect kubo-inspired interiors and wooden tables and chairs.  As for the food, of course, they serve Filipino cuisine.

I liked how resourceful they are.  They are using recycled jars as glasses for their fruit shakes and punches.  This is their famous Cordova Cooler, a citrus and refreshing drink made of oranges, calamansi and even watermelon.  You can have this in pitcher as well for only 165 pesos.  Perfect for medium to large groups.  Actually, I saw a lot of families eating here.  

Food selection is complete... from appetizers and soup to Pinoy favorites.  

Garlic Buttered Prawns (180 pesos)

Don't miss this when you visit Lantaw.  Sooooooo yummy!!!  Sauce pa lang ulam na!  BUT!!!!  ....I'd still go for Kris' recipe.  Naks!  HAHA!  This is his specialty.  

Sisig (130 pesos)

Their version of Sisig was okay, but we wanted it to be toasted even more, so we had to return it.  

Pinakbet (210 pesos)

I don't eat Pinakbet, so let's skip that.  HAHAH!  They said it's good though.

Food in palayok.... Filipino classic.  :)

This is Sinigang na Bangus.  Actually, I liked Cebuano's version of sinigang, but of course, it must be 'as sour as possible'.  HAHA!  We also tried Pork Liempo (255 pesos), but it's not well done.  

You don't have to spend too much when you eat in Lantaw.  The serving was good enough for me and as far as I remember, they don't charge you with service fee.  

You can visit their FB page here for the complete menu.  

More Cebu-Bohol posts coming soon!!  Stay tuned. 

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