BURP GUIDE REVISITED - Yabu: The House of Katsu

by - January 01, 2013

Happy 1st day of 2013, everyone!  Here's my first post for the year. :)

We visited Yabu for the second time to try out their other dishes and also just because we were craving for their 'ultimate sauce'.  :P  SM Mall of Asia branch is now open and it's perfect timing for us to have a break from our Christmas shopping session.

Yabu is one of those restos that can fully satisfy you and can make you feel that every peso is well spent.  

Okay, so what we've tried this time?

Original Hire Katsudon (335 pesos)

I love the sauce.  The sweetness was just right and the egg was perfectly mixed.  I haven't finished half of my Katsu, but I have already eaten all of my rice.  You can also have unlimited rice for this meal.

Tonkatsu Set - Hire 150g (405 pesos)

Now that I'm seeing Yabu's sauce again, my craving starts.  What's with it???  It's so addicting!  

I wanna try the Menchi with cheese on our next visit.  How about you?  

Here's the link to my first Yabu post.

your sweetest drug,

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