BURP GUIDE - Ristorante Bigoli

by - January 19, 2013

Craving for Italian dishes everyday?  Here's a place where you can savor Italy without spending too much.

I've been here many times already.  They have a branch in Trinoma, Cinema Level and before, I think there was one in SM Annex.

What to eat here?

If you're a first timer, don't forget to try their famous Italian chicken.

125 pesos

I always eat this with their Italian rice.  I love the sauce.  It's perfect.  And yep, 2 pieces already!  You can also have this with the pasta of your choice.  

140 pesos

We tried this baked beef pasta. It's super creamy and the melted cheese tasted so good!  Everything's perfect except for the pasta noodles.  It's cooked just right, but it's too thick.

Bigoli serves unlimited bread sticks if you order a pasta.  Love it!  It has a hint of garlic and it's freshly cooked.   

60 pesos per slice

As for the pizza, we had a slice of Cheese Overload.  Nothing special, but chewy. :)

They also serve bottomless drinks for only 45 pesos.  You can choose from Pepsi products, iced tea or orange juice.  

Bigoli is really worth a try.  Trust me.  :)  

Visit their Facebook page here for more updates.

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