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Someone craved for Japanese food and dragged me here at SumoSam.  Who?  The Champion Eater, Kris.  HAHA! :P  Just kidding!  I got that from the resto's tagline.

Okay, let's take a look.

SumoSam reinvented some of the typical Japanese dishes that we, Filipinos have always loved.  Their menu is quite wide and creative.  Ambiance, too is worthy of attention.  

Vegetable Ramen (279 php)

We looked for a simple and basic Ramen.  You can also choose from Miso and the other one...HAHA, sorry I forgot. :)

We loved it!  The veggies and noodles were just right for us.  

Smoked Tuna and Salmon Roll (239 php)

Oh my!  Craving for this baby!!!  I hope you can try! :)  The taste of the salmon and tuna was not too strong.  Everything stuffed inside was just flavorful and addicting.  #foodpornalert

Beef Yakitori (328 php)

We're not happy about this dish.  Even though the meat was cooked perfectly, it still tasted like ordinary barbecue for us.  ...and look at the price!  300 plus for 2 pieces?  Hmmm... Overpriced?

We ate this with rice, of course.

68 php per serving

Maybe we'll try to visit again just because of those awesome sushi rolls and ramen!  I heard that their Kani Salad is great too, but there's mayo, right? So.... "no" for me.  :P  

What do you think?

Visit SumoSam's Facebook page here and their website too for more updates.

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