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by - January 08, 2013

I always rant about my terrible eye bags.  They are not very dark, but it has very visible lines that you can measure.  I think it's about half an inch.  Poor me.  :(

I hate how these bad boys add years to our age.  Sometimes, you'll look older.  Sometimes, you'll look wasted.  The worst is that they make you look like a zombie.  If I become a millionaire, I'll have them removed immediately!  HAHA!

When it comes to concealer, I always go for trying out new products.  Since this is the makeup that I could never live without, it will last 1 to 2 months.  I use it almost everyday, or when I go out at least.

This time, I bought another concealer from one of my fave makeup brands.  Let me share it to you.

That is not the actual size of the product.  Actually, I already used it several times before this photo was taken.

This is the overall packaging.  Price: 129.95 (not sure, but let's just say 130 pesos)

Since it's a stick, it doesn't include any applicator.  I advise you to just use your ring finger to blend it out.  It's easier than using a brush, trust me. :)  The heat from your finger will help the product melt, so blending will be a piece of cake.  

This is the actual length of the stick.  For 130 pesos, I think it's really affordable.

The shade is Apricot Beige, 4th from the lightest.  

It's very easy to use.  Just twist and dab it onto your face.  You can also rub some on your ring finger then, apply it wherever you need.

It's very handy and can fit easily in your makeup kit.  

One thing I don't like about this product is the scent.  It smells 'orangey'.  I checked it in ELF's website and it shows Sugar Orange.  Well, it's not a big deal, but for me, it would be better without the fragrance.

Now, let's take a look at the before and after photos.  Forgive me for the low quality.  I had to use my iPhone's front camera.

Presenting.... my bare face.  HAHA!  I'm not that comfortable sharing these pictures, but because I love you guys.... (*sobs) and because I want to show you the actual effect as much as I can... here they are.  I have a big under eye problem, right???  From 23, they make me look like 30!  :P  Currently, I also have small pimples around my forehead.  

Normally, I just apply it directly. 

I didn't edit these photos.  

This is the result of the first application.  It became lighter and it's noticeable, but the lines are still there.

Since this is an all over stick, it should hide blemishes too, right?  

Tada!!  My pimples disappeared, but, you can still spot the two.

I also apply this on my nose and on the sides of my lips.  I don't use foundation daily and I leave it all up to my concealer and powder.  

I used my back camera here.  This is the 'after' photo, not edited whatsoever but a bit blurred.  I didn't use flash as well because it won't be that realistic.  

I also applied powder to seal the concealer in.  I didn't apply any makeup just to show you the natural look.  Yes, I know... you can still see them, but it really makes a big difference and as long as it does it's job, I'm 100% fine with it.  :)

I noticed that it also makes my pores almost invisible without clogging them.  I've been using it for weeks and so far, I have no problem with it except for the scent.  I'm a fan of liquid concealers and it's my first time to switch to sticks, but I'm happy about it.  :)

Another great and affordable product from ELF.

What do you think?

You can visit ELF's official FB page here.

your sweetest drug,

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  1. It looks promising. Hindi ba siya oily sa face sis? And kinda worried baka mag cakey siya when tap wit powder. Pero it looks great on you! You look pretty even without makeup on!

    1. Hi Jenny!! Thanks!! my skin is dry to normal, never pa naman sya nag-cake saken.. :) well, maybe because i'm not putting too much powder. it's worth a try naman kase it's very affordable. good luck!


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