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by - February 25, 2013

We were not satisfied about Omakase's food, ambiance and serving except for the maki that we ordered and the drinks.  This might not be worth sharing anymore, but still, I just want to post it here just in case, you'd plan to visit.  A tip, go for sushi and sashimi instead of trying other dishes.  :)

We were in Greenhills and spotted Omakase.  Perfect timing, since we're craving for Japanese food.

The place was a bit crowded.  There were a lot of waiters, but it seemed that they couldn't handle everyone. Plus, tables don't have enough spaces in between, so we could hear everything from the people seating beside us.  They have a wide selection of dishes, but the menu was not helpful enough.  

Crazy Maki 

I liked this especially the crunchy part.  :)  

Beef Teppan 

It's perfectly cooked, taste was good enough.

Ebi Tempura

I think it is overpriced for it's size.  

Forgot the name of this Ramen.  Honestly, it tasted like an instant chicken noodles.  

Bottomless flavored iced tea was very refreshing.  You can choose from orange or raspberry.

Sadly, I don't think we'll come back (unless the price becomes lower HAHA!), but like I said, I can recommend the maki, sushi or sashimi.  

What do you think?

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