Happy Valentines Day!

by - February 13, 2013

Few minutes left til V-Day!  I just want to wish you all a wonderful time with your special someone, parents or even best friends.  In whatever way you plan to celebrate tomorrow's occasion, may it be full of love and happiness.  Set aside any hatred in your heart first... much better if we do it not just today or not just for this love month, but every single day. 

I'm seeing lots of hearts everywhere and yesterday, when I passed by a bookstore, people were buying cards and scrapbook stuff.  See??  You can express your feelings and appreciation to someone you love even through a simple note or letter.  Uso pa po ang ganyan!! HAHA! And personally, I think it's sweeter than a text message, tweet or a Facebook status.  Agree?   :)

So, there... enjoy your date.  Make tomorrow extra special!  Show love and feel loved!  <3

Before I end this post, let me share my favorite love quote. :P

your sweetest drug,

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