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by - March 24, 2013

Kris' birthday was a regular work day for us.  So, the least we could do is to dine out and of course, the birthday boy's craving should be satisfied... not mine.  HAHA! :P  Time to try something new!

Out of the 2 restaurants I recommended, he picked Thai.  Oh my, it's really "something new" for me!

For today's post, let me share our experience at Mango Tree.

We visited the branch at BGC.  The place was really spacious and everything looked elegant.  I love the comfy couches.  :)  Very nice ambiance and interior design.

Now, the food!

Thai Iced Tea

Kris' fave.  Let's call it Thai Milk Tea.  It has a red bean flavor, very refreshing!

Moo Satay

It's my first time to try Thai, so I couldn't really say if the food here is the best of the best.  But, overall, I liked everything. 

Moo Satay is similar to chicken barbecue except of course, the distinct flavor.  We enjoyed the sweet vinegar and curry sauce.  

Chicken in Red Curry

Thai cuisine won't be complete without curry, so we had to try it.  The waiter said that this is one of their best seller, red curry.

Thumbs up for the presentation and taste!  

Egg Fried Rice

It's loaded with peas, carrots and corn.  

Pad Thai

The famous rice noodles, Pad Thai.  Generous serving, good for 2 to 3.  

The noodles were very soft and the flavor was not too strong.  I appreciated this recipe, actually. :)

No regrets about trying out a new cuisine and I'm definitely happy to have my first Thai experience at Mango Tree.  :)

You can visit them in Trinoma and Greenbelt too.  They serve cocktails and wine, perfect for a quick night out with your girl friends.  We will definitely go back to try other dishes.

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