TOUCHDOWN: Caliraya, Laguna

by - March 20, 2013

Last week, we had a tower-wide offsite at Caliraya, Laguna.  It was a fun day! I enjoyed the games, program, the pool and of course, our beer-slash-mixed drink pong!

We also went to Puerto Galera last month (with teammates only), but I wasn't able to do a blog post about it.  Sorry!  Is it too late?  HAHA! Okay, okay... I'll do it next week.  :)

Here are some photos and a video I edited.  My crazy teammates tried the mud slide that made as laugh like there's no tomorrow.   :P

At least 2 hours away from Manila.

Go Team Avocado!!

Let's play volleyball!

We also tried the mini-zip line. :)

Here are the "milo bath" photos.

Would you try this??? :P  Looks fun, right?

When you visit Caliraya, watch out for:
  • frogs at night (kokak)
  • weirdo insects 
  • food (breakfast was okay - the only meal we enjoyed)
  • flush and hot shower (not working)

your sweetest drug,

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