TOUCHDOWN - Puerto Galera

by - March 28, 2013

I know most of you will be out of town this weekend.  It's been a tradition of Filipino families to spend their summer vacation during the Lenten Season.  Well, I do wish you quality time and a safe trip.  Also, don't forget to have a quiet moment to reflect. :)

Here's another post that's buried in my drafts folder.  Sssshh.. I just had to tweak it a bit. *wink

Perhaps Puerto Galera is in your list of summer escapade destinations.  Let me share to you some photos.  These were taken during our team offsite last February.  (Woah, spell late post!)

White beach?  Check.  Crystal blue water?  Hmmmm..  Close enough. :P

We stayed at Sea Jewel, just 2  to 3 tumblings away from the shore.  :)  The room was good for 5 pax.  I think we paid 1000++ each for the accommodation with breakfast.  Quite expensive.

For dinner, check out this ihaw-ihaw place.  They serve unli-rice!  HAHA!  I liked their mango shake too! <3

After dinner, time to chill!

Be entertained by some comedy bars too.

I don't want to compare the place to Boracay.  Puerto Galera is beautiful too (in it's own way), but I can't think of a reason to go back.  Am I being a little biased here?  HOHO!  :)

Enjoy your trip and have a blessed vacation!  :) 

your sweetest drug,

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