BURP GUIDE - Famous Belgian Waffles

by - April 23, 2013

Freshly cooked waffles, turning to a perfect brown in front of you.  And let me add the luscious fillings oozing out.  *sighs  Sounds like heaven already. :P 

You can choose a single spread of chocolate, peanut butter, jam or cream cheese.  If you're still undecided, go for their combos.  Our favorite is chocolate peanut butter.  Simple but perfect combination.  They also serve hot drinks.

If you're rushing to school or work and didn't take your breakfast, this is the ultimate solution.  It's one of the quickest snacks you can have.  Honestly, we can't get enough of these precious waffles.  We buy one or two whenever we get the chance.  You can visit them at SM Megamall (foodcourt) or Trinoma (in front of Tokyo Tokyo).

Have it really really toasted.  It's better when it's a little bit crunchy. :)

Really addicting!  I even ditched my popcorn and munched these babies instead when we watched a movie last time.  Please try it!  With less than 50 pesos, you get to enjoy these very satisfying waffles.  :)  

Quick.  Simple.  Delicious.

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