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by - April 14, 2013

Rushing your makeup every morning when going to work or school is normal, but you can avoid that by following these tips.  Sometimes, the more you rush things, the more you tend to mess everything up.  You don't even have to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes for your everyday makeup routine.  This video will show you how you can lessen the time you spend when doing your makeup. :)

No. 1 - Use a big mirror.

You can easily spot uneven applications by using a big and clean mirror.

No. 2 - Use small and light strokes.

This is true for eye shadow and eyeliner.  Trust me.  Blending will be easy-breezy.  

No. 3 - Even if you're in a hurry, don't freak out and don't rush.

You only have 10 minutes left to do your makeup.  You're already late.  But still, don't freak out.  :)  The least thing you don't want to happen is to re-do your makeup.

No. 4 - Apply small amount of product.

It's easier to build up the color than removing it.

No. 5 - Clean your brushes beforehand.

Wiping off the residues from your brushes everytime you use them can take up time already.  So, make sure they are always clean.  You can do that in your free time.  :)

No. 6 - Use a primer.

Using a face primer makes the application a lot easier because your skin becomes smoother.

No. 7 - Don't just rely on your brushes.  Use your fingers.

Cream-based products are often difficult to blend.  By using your fingers, the makeup will somehow melt resulting to an easier application.

No. 8 - Organize your makeup.

Finding a single eyeliner or lipstick from your cluttered desk or makeup bag can sometimes eat up one minute or two already.  Make it a habit to organize them.

Another tip would be, sticking to your regular makeup look and experiment later.  Since you want to save time, go for something that you're used to already.  For example, a neutral eye makeup that's so easy and fast to create.  Let's say that it's just for everyday look, so avoid doing complicated things to your face.  :)

How about you?  What can you add here?

Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for the share. I'm having problems organizing my makeup tools and ends up messy.

    1. welcome! :) you can organize them by type (ex. all eye shadows in one bag, all pencils in another, etc.)

      i also see a lot of people using the magnetic board to organize their makeup desk. :) it's interesting because you can even attach containers.

  2. My make up is all over the place, I need to use your tips to organize me :) xx

    1. i hate rummaging too! try to put makeup products you use daily in one bag. :)


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