Makeup Video - Makeup Tips for Picture Day

by - May 01, 2013

This video will show you some tips on how to avoid getting horrible pictures on picture day.  And yes, by picture day, I mean everyday.  HAHA!  Well, maybe these tips might be helpful especially when you need to have photos taken in studios or anything like that.  I think it's applicable as well when you need to take your ID or yearbook photos.  How about passport?  Hmmm...  It sucks when they turn out bad right?  There's no room for a retake or even having it photoshopped.  HAHA! :P

The look I created here is just simple and you can even do this any day you like.  Work, school, weekend date, name it.

Actually, I was contemplating whether to do a voice over or not.  I tried it but... I can't take it!  I can't stand listening to my "digital voice"!  Oh well, maybe next time?  Encourage me, would you?  :)

Is my camera flash effect lame? HAHA!  

Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes upon waking up is normal, but you can get rid of that right away by using a frozen "wet tissue".  You can do this with spoons too!


Apply concealer as usual.  Target your dark circles and other blemishes.


Go for a matte finish, don't use foundations or BB creams that can make your face appear dewy and shiny. There are a lot of HD and "photo-ready" foundations in the market now,  but if you don't have one, don't fret.  You can opt for powder foundation or just apply a translucent powder over your BB cream or liquid foundation.  It will do the trick.

Stay away from products that have high SPF.  They don't go well with flash photography.


Fill in your brows.  A well-defined brows can help create the perfect framing on your face.


Stick to neutral colors for your eye shadow.  Again, go for matte.  Stay away from glittery and colorful eyes unless your photo shoot requires you so.


Highlight your brow bones for an extra lift.  Do this also on your inner corners.  Smudge gently to create a subtle effect.


Contouring is a must! Do this on the sides of your nose, cheeks and sides of forehead.


Eyeliner will also help add definition.

Curl and Mascara

Apply generous coats.


Don't forget to bring your powder for touch ups. Make sure you apply this on your T-zone.  You can also use oil control sheets.


Apply a rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks.  Keep it as natural as possible.


Go for matte lips.  Red is okay, but pink is better.  Go for the color that can make you look youthful.

That's it!  You're ready!  Just relax.  Be comfortable.  Practice smiling in front of a mirror to find your angle.  Also, it's better if you place your bangs away from the face.  You can use a hairpin for that.  Don't cover those beautiful eyes.

Lastly, smile!!!  Or smize!! :)  Think happy thoughts!  Take note, happy not funny.  HAHA!

More photos below.

Good luck!!

Sorry for the messy background.  Hope you don't mind my Dadi Tor playing.  :P  And yep, there's a funny clip at the end.  :P

What do you think?

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