Skin Care 101 - Oh no! Pimple!

by - June 24, 2013

Ever experienced waking up and a zit on your face greets you "good morning"?  Worse, you have a special day ahead and a concealer can't do anything.  Popping your pimple won't be the best choice either.  

Aside from the common causes such as clogged pores, severe oily skin, sensitive skin, stress, pollution, sleeping with makeup on, genetics, dirty makeup tools... ugh you name it, have you ever realized a more obvious source?  Well, let me help you. :)

On Cheeks

A pimple's favorite.  Try to clean your phone often, especially if you're taking calls a lot and except if you're using headphones.  :)  Also, keep your pillows clean.  

On Forehead

Sometimes, our bangs can trigger them, so keeping your hair out of your face will help a bit.  If you like wearing headband or cap, make sure they're clean.

On Nose

Acne-prone spot due to excess sebum and open pores or having blackheads.  I just had one and it's terrible.  HAHA!  If you're planning to prick, make sure to do it right.  Cleanse your face, tools and hands before and apply toner or treatment after.  Don't leave them exposed.

On Chin

By experience, leaning on something dirty, where all the germ-fest happens can cause breakout.  Not to mention, it happens very fast.  You'll be surprise the day after.  

I'm not a neat-freak and I understand your sentiments about having to clean every single thing around.  It may be hard and yea, I you tend to be lazy instead.  HAHA!  But, prevention is better than cure, right?  True enough.  All we need is proper hygiene plus a good skin care routine using good products.  

Do you have other tips on how to prevent breakouts?  What should we keep clean next? :)

Good luck!

your sweetest drug,

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