TOUCHDOWN - Boracay 2013 | Day 2

by - June 27, 2013

I haven't started using the products I bought recently, so meaning... no reviews yet.  Let me just finish my Boracay post for today, alright?

As usual, crazy crazy night!  It ain't complete without dancing the night away.  (please don't judge me :P)  On the 3rd day, "something came"... uhm, you know... it's a girl thing. HAHA!  Because of that, I just watched my friends (they were enjoying the beach and giving it a goodbye kiss) and took pictures.

So there... hoping... wishing... praying... believing to be back next year. <3

Swimsuit from @sofash_swimmees

Top from Binkydoodles | Shorts from The Chic Closet

I'm gonna wear this cutesy top top again!!  This deserves a separate Lookbook post. :P 

Chill night at Juice Bar

I had coffee... sorry my dear green tea!  :)  @Real Coffee

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Wrong timing? Sayang, hopefully you still enjoyed your visit in Boracay. Iba talaga ang Boracay, you'll always want to keep coming back!

    so cute blog, as well as the blogger! :)

    1. thanks, Kit!! i did! :) there's really something awesome about it aside from the beautiful beach. well, at least for me since okay lang ung ingay, night life and party. :D


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