Skin Care 101 - Leyende Clean Slate Face Cleanser

by - July 09, 2013

More organic products on my blog!  Yes, I'm switching... little by little.  Recently, I found a new brand called Leyende.  It's a Spanish word that translates to "legend" or "story".  It is a Filipino brand making natural, organic and handmade bath and body products.

They have several distributors, mostly online shops.  I got mine from Zalora.  This site frequently offers discounts and flash sales, so I took advantage and bought the product right away.  I was surprised because the shipping was fast.  Cheers to that!

It arrived in this nice Zalora box.  Kinda big for a small tube.  :)  But thumbs up for the efforts in packaging.

For a 100 ML tube, I got it for 350 pesos.  They charge shipping fee for orders worth below 1000. So, add 100 bucks to that, making it 450.  As I mentioned, there was a flash sale when I bought it, so skipping the computation, I got it for 397.50 php.  

By the way, I also got coupons after my purchase.  More discounts!  Yay! :)

Clean Slate is a non-foamy facial cleanser and makeup remover.  Yep, 2 in 1!  Double whammy!  Oooh I love such products!  It's formulated with pandan and calamansi extracts, very well-known in brightening the complexion.  There are other active ingredients such as virgin coconut oil and lactic acid.    

Since it's non foamy, no need to rinse after.  Yep, waterless cleansing.  All you need is a wet tissue (wet wipes).  The key advantage here is the fact that it's travel-friendly.  Since it's in a non-liquid form, this is allowed for your hand-carry.  Airports can be super strict sometimes right?  Plus, no need to worry about leakage.  It can steadily seat and fit inside your bag.

The consistency is similar to a regular lotion, but it doesn't leave a greasy feeling after blending.  It's perfect for travel because you can clean your face anytime, anywhere.  Sometimes, long trips (especially in summer), can result to sticky and irritating feeling.  Even if you use this product several times in a day, it won't make your skin dry.

Compared to facial wipes, I think using Clean Slate is better.  Why?  Because you also get the benefits of the organic ingredients while having a clean and makeup free face.  Imagine those nights when you're just too tired (or drunk HAHA!) to wash your face.  This is the ultimate solution for that.  :)

Let me show you more photos.  Thanks to Kris for lending me his camera again.  I tried my best in using the self-timer (without a remote) and not to mention using a prime lens!  It's so hard to catch the focus!  HAHA!  Can relate?

Here's Liempy helping me check the focus.  Ooops!  Don't mind my messy bed, please!  HAHA! 

Alright, here's the how-to part. 

before photos - byebye makeup in a few minutes

it will work best with damp face

if you're at home, you can slightly wet your face
otherwise, use wet wipes (you can also soak tissues instead)

gently massage 

time to remove
as you can see here, my eye makeup is removed already

make sure to close your eyes and lips while wiping
excuse me for those blemishes and screaming pores! HAHA!

you can also use it on your lips

now for the moment of truth  HIHI!



Makeup free face!  Yay!  Even the stubborn eyeliner and mascara are removed.  

To sum it up...

What I love about it:
  • Travel-friendly
  • Comes in a hygienic packaging (tube)
  • Price is acceptable
  • Cleanses very well
  • Leaves a supple skin after
  • No dryness after
  • Love the vanilla scent - not calamansi! 
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Waterless and non-foamy
  • 2 in 1 (makeup remover and facial cleanser)
  • Keeps the skin moisturized
  • You can buy it online
  • No breakout
  • Organic and natural
  • No redness
  • Very gentle

Not so cool about it:
  • It takes a lot of wiping compared to normal facial wash.  
  • Might be too slimy :P
  • Can cause eye irritation (so make sure you avoid eye contact)
  • Might leave very little "greasiness" after

I love how Leyende names their products.  It's very creative and catchy.  :) I wanna try their hair care products too!

As for it's brightening promise, I haven't noticed it yet, but as long as it cleanses well... I'm good. :)

What do you think?

You can visit their website for more information.  Like them on Facebook too.

For A Naturally Safe Cosmetics, click here.

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