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by - August 09, 2013

Sharing the love from iWhite!!  Here's our little giveaway for you!  As promised, we will be giving 1 set of Facial Cream to 2 lucky ladies!!! Yay!

This is your chance to try this multi-tasking cream.... for FREE!  Yep, 3 benefits in 1 tube.  Check out my review here.  You can also find more feedback on their Facebook page.

Alright!  Check out the simple mechanics below. :)

2. Follow me on Instagram - @chixylove
3. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter.  Make sure you set it on Public. Caption is "Join #chixylovegiveaway and win #iwhite facial cream!!"
4. Repost the giveaway photo found on my Instagram Profile with the same caption above.  You can also use the photo below.
5. Comment below with your:
Instagram ID:
Facebook URL or Twitter ID:

Don't forget the hashtag guys! :)

Deadline: Friday, August 23. 

I will announce the 2 winners on the same day.  Each of them will receive 1 tube and 2 sachets.  

Join now!!  5 easy steps!

Good luck!!!

your sweetest drug,

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