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by - September 06, 2013

The only way to solve my hair fall problem is to apply treatments or skip the daily shampoo.  How about you?  I have tried some hair masks already and this time, I opted for a conditioner, another product from Human Heart Nature.

It's a strengthening conditioner and of course, 100% natural.  Sometimes, too much chemicals can also cause damage.  Oh well, you caught me.  You know how much I encourage everyone to switch to organic products.  HIHI!  Anyway, they also have a shampoo version of this so, if you find it effective, you better buy it's pair.

I bought this for less than 200 php - 200 ML tube.  Online, it costs 144.75 php plus shipping fee.

Now, lets talk about the active ingredients.  
  • Aloe - I don't have to explain this guys.  We all know that aloe works like magic and has been used throughout history because of its amazing benefits.
  • Gugo Bark - This one too!
  • Calamansi - This can be a hair-growth enhancer and can eliminate dandruff as well.
  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Some people are even using this alone.  And I read a lot about the benefits such as smoothing and strengthening properties.
See?  All that good stuff without the harmful chemicals.  

I normally skip shampoo and use this alone instead.  Its best to leave it for at least 2 minutes and applying while doing a quick massage.

What I love about it:
  • So far I can say that it's working.  Trust me, I know when my hair starts falling out like crazy and I know when its reduced.  
  • Soft and smooth hair after
  • Affordable
  • Natural
  • Moisturizes very well

What I don't like:
  • Not very forgiving in terms of application - sometimes, it's really difficult to say if it's actually "applied" already, though this could be a normal thing about conditioners
  • Aloe scent - I don't have anything against aloe, but the scent is just a little bit strong and not pleasing for me.   I should have bought "Cool Peppermint" instead.
  • Can cause a bit of frizz - but maybe because I only air dry my hair.
There are so many factors (unpreventable even) contributing to hair loss and breakage, but with proper care, you can at least lessen the effect.  Try using treatments at least twice/thrice a week, skip the daily shampooing and do not comb your hair when its still wet for you to see improvements.  

What do you think?

Visit Human Heart Nature's website and like them on Facebook to know more about their products.

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Never tried human heart nature's products..but this conditioner seems good :)


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