BURP GUIDE - Ye Dang and Jang Gae Nae

by - October 23, 2013

Here's the part 2 post featuring the other 2 Korean restaurants we tried last month.

After Yoogane, we decided to try the Ortigas area.  Second stop, Ye Dang.  It's located beside Metrowalk.

I heard that this BBQ place has been around for a long time.  I then realized that it's true because the ambiance looked a bit "old" already.  :)

I saw an area where you can sit on the floor.  Cool!

We were not in the mood to try their BBQ because well, maybe we didn't like the place that much.  We just tried 1 dish and good thing, they served free side dishes. There's tofu, spinach, radish kimchi, anchovies, pancake (pajeon), cabbage kimchi and our fave, sweet baby potatoes.

around 200 php

I forgot the exact name but I think it's similar to beef stew.  It tasted like "nilaga" (a Filipino dish).  The huge turn off was the raw meat.  We didn't confirm it with our server but it really looked and tasted like raw beef strips. Anyway, we tried to eat some and selected only the "cooked" meat.  

Maybe the stew was not a good choice but I read good reviews on their BBQ, so you can try those instead.

Parking: Yes
Service Charge: None
Serving: Dishes are good for sharing
Damage: 300 to 500

Lastly, Jang Gae Nae.  It's located in Escriva Drive, Brgy, San Antonio.  We were surprised upon seeing the crowd.  Almost all tables were already taken.  

Again, free side dishes!  Oooh!  You're gonna love Korean restaurants.  HAHA!

This time we had: bowl of salad, tofu, kimchi, radish kimchi, sweet peanuts, bean sprouts and sweet eggs.  Noticed the generous serving?

It's the perfect "but wait, there's more" moment because they also served free soup and pajeon!  We didn't expect that.  HIHI!

around 150 php

Since it's the last resto to try, we surely didn't miss tteokbokki, a popular Korean street food.  Kris liked it too!  I told him that I always see this snack in Running Man.

Beef Ribs (290 php)

We wanted to cook BBQ on our table but unfortunately, we ordered a cooked dish.  Oh well, at least it's delicious - perfectly cooked.

They also have mint leaves aside from the usual lettuce.  The Korean food trip won't be complete without the "meat wrapping", so you have to try it!

Parking: Yes
Service Charge: None
Serving: Dishes are good for sharing
Damage: 200 - 500

After the sumptuous meal, I dragged Kris to a Korean store beside Jang Gae Nae.  

I bought metal chopsticks, instant ramyeon, strawberry wafer, chocolate ice cream and my fave, frozen milk shake!  

We still have a few Korean restaurants in our list so we have to schedule another food trip.  I enjoyed the experience except the lingering smell of BBQ.  HAHA!  Make sure to tie your hair and bring extra clothes.  

What do you think?

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