Just In! - Stuff from Mango, Shoes, Lipstick and Shampoo

by - October 22, 2013

I have to delay the Korean food trip part 2 post because Kris has the memory card.  Ugh, I'm so forgetful.  Anyway, let me introduce these new members of the family today instead.  :)

Let's start with my new shampoo from Human Heart Nature.  

129 php

The conditioner version was already sold out at Landmark so I bought this one instead.  It's not as minty compared to Head & Shoulders.  Are you familiar with the icy cold feeling on your scalp?  HIHI!  It doesn't lather well but that's not a big deal for me.  So far, I think it's working.  The only problem is that, I notice that it's starting to cause dandruff.  

Next, items from Mango, Spain!

After 2 months, it's finally here!  :)

We only paid around 6,000 pesos for everything!  Plus, the 250 php shipping fee.  We didn't buy it straight from Spain (just in case you're wondering).  We found an online shop that opens pre-orders from several shops in Europe (Bershka, Pull and Bear, Zara, etc.).

Since we purchased everything from Mango's outlet shop, we got up to 80% discount (end of season sale).  Kris bought 2 pants, 1 sweater and 1 t-shirt.  The rest?? ALL MINE! HAHA! (well, except for a dress that's too big for me) Because of this, I have no right to shop this month (and the next).  :P  I also bought 2 items from Suite Blanco, a bag and pair of black comfy shoes. 

580 php

Yay for my new weekend bags! 

580 php

I like the fabric inside.  

340 php

More accessories...

290 php

A Mango wallet for only 300 pesos?  *gasps  Perfect timing because I badly need a replacement - using it now!

210 php

180 php

The top one is an ombre mullet skirt and left is an oversized sleeveless top.  My fave is the sailor cardigan with the cute anchor embroidery.

I think I won't find the same prices (even if already discounted) here in Manila.  I couldn't say no!!  HAHA!  Well, except for the 3 clothes above because I think they are still expensive. *wink

Last but not the least...........

My new red lippie!!!  Thanks to Kris (AGAIN)!!!!  He surprised me.  HAHA! <3

I wished for Riri Woo, but I learned that it is VERY similar to Ruby Woo.  No complaints!!  Besides, it's Kris' pick!  HOHO!  I haven't used this yet but will do start soon because I'll be posting a review. :)

That's it!  What's your favorite from the bunch?

your sweetest drug,

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