Just In! - BB Cream, Red Shorts and Treats

by - November 06, 2013

Hello, rainy November!  Just a few weeks left before Christmas!  Hopefully, I won't get stressed (again) with the Christmas shopping.  Kris and I are planning to start early to avoid long lines and crowded stores and I'm wishing we could find inexpensive gift ideas this time.  Any suggestions?

Anyway, today I'm sharing a few stuff I bought weeks ago.  No chance to shop because our wallets are barely breathing.  Tsk!  #dontwanttotalkaboutitnexttopicplease :P

Alright!  Let's start with my BB cream from Etude.

798 php

As usual, more details on a separate post.  But if you can't wait for that, check out my latest makeup video, Ruby Woo.  I used it already.  

I'm a makeup fan but believe it or not, this is my first ever BB cream.  I was planning to try one a looooooong time ago but my stingy self told me, "You don't need it yet!".  HAHA!  Yea, I understand why "she" said that.  BB Creams especially those from Korean cosmetics shops are a little pricey.  Not yet ready to spend more than a thousand pesos just for this or even for other makeup products.  HAHA!  Am I a little hard on myself?  Well, on the second thought, why not if it's really worth every cent right?

Okay, moving on... here's the second item, red shorts from Maldita.

300 php

We went to BPI Outlet Sale 2 weeks ago but didn't buy anything except for this and a few treats from Trader Joe's and Lotus.  Adidas was offering Buy One Take One.  Nice deal from Ray Ban too, 2 printed wayfarers for only 8999 php.  50 to 70% discounts as well from Giordano, Lee and many more.  Actually, binili ko lang to para may mabili lang.  HOHO! 

Finally, we were able to try the famous cookie butter, Lotus Biscoff spread.  This is the creamy version.  As expected, crunchy version was sold out.  Next time, we'll try Trader Joe's.  

Kris loved the Butter Waffle Cookies, very similar like sugar ice cream cones.  We'll try Speculoos Cookies tomorrow.  Yummo!  :) 

By the way, from now on, I'll be adding a quickie update in my Just In post.  Hope you like it!  Try to answer this as well in the comments below! 

Currently Loving: English Bulldog Puppies - so cute!

My LSS: Spectrum by Zedd and Matthew Koma (acoustic version) - played it a hundred times when I did the Ruby Woo makeup video, that's why

Recently Watched: Pacific Rim - nice movie!  We regret not watching it in cinema.  Question here: Nakatayo ba sila sa ocean or lumulutang sila?  :P

ABSpiration Update: NovemBURN calendar is now up!  I don't like the dance cardio Saturdays.  Anyway, I tried 100 criss-crosses, 100 candle stick dippers and 50 hip twists.  My obliques are still hurting.  BUT I LOVE IT!   :D

Craving For: More cookie butter spread and wheat bread!  Oooh!  Sooo good!

That's all for now.  By the way, I'll edit another video.  Stay tuned! <3

What do you think?

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