Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - Ruby Woo Photos

by - November 03, 2013

Here are some photos from my makeup video, Ruby Woo.  I wanna try cat eyes plus red lips next time!  :)

Don't forget to apply lip balm for easier application.  If you have flaky lips, do a quick scrub.  Mix honey and sugar and rub it gently.  

Try lining your lips first to avoid bleeding and feathering.  It will also make the color last.

Simple eye makeup.  

What do you think of this effect?  The blue tint reminds me of Bigbang's poster in Alive concert tour.  HIHI!

I love Zedd's song, Spectrum.  I think the acoustic version is better.  

I will work on the review of MAC Ruby Woo this week!  Stay tuned!

your sweetest drug,

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