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by - December 30, 2013

Hello, beauty junkies!  Today, I'm giving you a glimpse of what I bought from The Face Shop a few weeks back.  I'll be doing a separate post for each to avoid making this one too lengthy.  If you like a product, hope you stay tuned for the review. *wink

Oooooh, that sweet pink paper bag!  So what's the story?  Well, I was looking for a new mascara and I decided to go for a Korean brand.  I realized that I haven't tried any product yet from The Face Shop too.  There were a couple of items with a very reasonable price so I ended up with 4 instead of only 1 makeup.  Actually, 8 because I also bought nail lacquers.  It's a great gift idea since you can get 1 free nail polish if you buy 3.  It became my gift for my friends and sister-in-law.  Other than that, I also got a free makeup bag.

So, what's new in my little makeup collection?

Let's start with Make Me Star waterproof gel liner.

355 php

Actually, I'm not happy with this.  I'm still not sure though if it's really short or if I could sharpen or twist to get more product out.  It's a rose gold eyeliner and I use it on my waterline.  It's kinda pricey for me.

445 php

This is one of their basic mascaras.  I'm not picky when it comes to this particular makeup so this is totally alright.  Besides, it works great!  

395 php

Now this is my favorite!  It's a very affordable brow tint.  I love how it grooms my eyebrows!  It's a great alternative to MAC's brow mascara if you're not yet ready to spend a thousand pesos for such makeup.

355 php

The last item, Black Label lipstick in Lovely Pink (#11).  It's the average shade of pink most of us would wear to complete a natural makeup look.  The finish is sheer and a little bit glossy.

That's it for now.  Are you trying out a new product from The Face Shop too?  Let me know in the comments below. :)

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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  1. That bag is soo cute! :D Nice blog. I'm following you :)

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    1. thanks for visiting! hope you can add photo credits too :)

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