Who's Your Angel - The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013

by - December 18, 2013

Did you enjoy this year's show?  I still prefer the concept and artists last year and Miranda was there too, but anyway, every show has a different flavor. :)

My favorite angel, Candice opened the show, looking like a total bombshell with the 2013 fantasy bra.

Behati is so perfect for the English guard costume.

I like the song and designs in "Shipwrecked".

Love the neutral colors!

My top 1 segment, Parisian Nights.  I love everything!

Hot red angel, Adriana!

I think Doutzen has the hardest rock solid abs!  HAHA!

The wings that made me say, WOW.

Last year, they were flowers.  Now, they are...

Look at those shoes.  #ISeeWhatYouDidThere 

Smile for the Pink Collection!

All new angels walked the runway in this segment.

And for the Taylor Swift fans, you'll totally love her performance (and shining shimmering splendid dress)!

This segment reminds me of the Disney movie, Frozen. :D

Ooh!  The shoes! 

Love the snowflakes!

Who's your favorite?

your sweetest drug,

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