BURP GUIDE - Mother's Crepe & Cafe (Mazazu Crepe)

by - January 21, 2014

Thanks to Kris for lending me his phone! I was able to restore my photos and now, I can share a Burp Guide post.  Let's make this one simple and sweet (like crepes!).

I wanna try every flavor!  HAHA!  Crepe starts at 75 php. Yea, right.  Super affordable.

It's my new fave because of two things. One, their perfect batter - not so thin, not so thick, chewy and soft at the same time.  Ooh, sweet heaven!  And two, their Japanese soft ice cream.  So addicting!

They also serve pastries, cakes, smoothies and many more.

Good thing with crepe, it doesn't matter how simple it is because just as long as you have a great batter recipe, everything will taste fantastic.  I won't even say no to a plain crepe with ice cream.  But of course, I always love to add fruits as toppings.  What's your favorite?

We tried Banana Almond and paid an extra for the ice cream.

I already shared one on my IG (@chixylove) - Strawberry Mango, YUM!

It's the number 1 in our list of desserts when we are in SM Megamall.  Go and try!

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What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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