DIY Spotting - Baking Soda Cleanser

by - January 19, 2014

I'll act like I didn't lose my phone.  Nothing happened.  Move on.  T_T

Today, I'll share to you a skin care DIY I recently discovered.  But before I start, let me remind you that this might work differently on everyone, so I suggest you to try applying on a very small area first to see if you'll get irritation or breakout.

The star of this DIY...

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is an all-around chemical used in cleaning, cooking, deodorizing, personal care, etc.  TLGO.  It's a household necessity mainly because of it's endless list of purposes.  And this orange box right here?  For sure, it's very familiar.

According to a website, it helps regulate pH (potential of hydrogen).  This means that, it will keep something neither too acidic nor too alkaline.  In simple terms, when pH level is balanced, it's neutral and natural.  

Relating this to our skin, a typical healthy skin has a slight acidic pH level 5.5.  If you have dry skin, you have a high pH level (alkaline).  For oily skin, it's the opposite - very low pH level (acidic).  Now, this level gets imbalanced sometimes because of the food we consume, too much sun exposure, stress and many more.  Both conditions can result to acne, wrinkles, aging and other blemishes.

If you feel that your skin is getting a little bit out of control, too dry or too oily, try this simple and cheap remedy.  This will help you bring back the balance and at the same time, thoroughly cleanse your face without being too abrasive.

You have 2 options.  Actually, 3.  The first one is mixing it with water and the other one, with your gentle facial wash (example, Cetaphil).  As option 3, you can also use honey, lemon and any other natural ingredient.  I prefer option B.

The ratio is usually 1:1.  However, you can change this depending on the consistency you prefer.

It's really a great exfoliator.  I use it 2 to 3 times a week.  I'm not sure though if it's okay to use it daily.  It feels like a typical facial scrub, but it's finer so it won't harshly rub your skin.

I haven't encountered any breakout yet.  My chin is pimple-prone, just the small ones though and so far, only one or two pop out unlike before.  As for the oiliness, my skin is oily to combination type and I still get a shiny t-zone after several hours.  Still the same.

One remarkable thing I noticed after including this to my skin care routine is the lesser number of clogged pores on the sides of my nose.  I still got several on top though.  Tsk!  Just to clarify, I still use my whitening soap, iWhite Moisturizing Facial Wash and The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub.  I've been bouncing between all these 3, plus iWhite Facial Wash + Baking Soda combination.  For the toner, I use The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner.

I'm not sure which one is loving my skin the most, but definitely, this combo works for me (so far).  Not to mention the chilly weather lately and my cooperating hormones.  HAHA!

Go and find this superb orange box in your kitchen!  Most likely, it's in the compartment in your refrigerator door.  It's fave spot.  HAHA!

Try this DIY!  BUT again remember, stop using if your skin reacts differently.

Good luck!

your sweetest drug,

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