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by - February 03, 2014

For the hopeless romantics out there, I know you guys are starting to plan out your Valentine's Day date.  Of course, the "what to wear" is in your checklist.  Right?  In our Holiday Classics Collection, you'll find V-Day outfit ideas.  Most of the pieces are so feminine and some looks dainty and sweet.  For sure, one or two will fit your personality. :)

And since it's the L.O.V.E. month, here's our way to express our gratitude and appreciation.

1. FREE SHIPPING - at least 1 item from the holiday collection
2. 50% OFF - when you get a second item

Enjoy these gifts from us!  Happy shopping!

Let me share another look using this very lovely dress.  It's my favorite dress from the set because of the fit, fabric and details.

What do you think?  Will you pair this with flats, heels or wedges?

Dress from The Chic Closet

Hype this on LOOKBOOK.

your sweetest drug,

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  1. You can find Valentine's Day costume suggestions in our Events Collection. Most of the items are very feminine, and some of them have a delicate, pleasant appearance. Definitely one or two of them will match your personality. Let me show you another look I created with this gorgeous Harley Quinn Bombshell Cosplay Costume Jacket. Its fit, fabric, and accents make it my favourite outfit from the collection.

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