Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - NYX Green Tea Blotting Paper

by - February 22, 2014

Shiny t-zone?  Na-ah!  I hate it.  Sometimes a dewy face looks more healthy and younger (on some people), but I think it would be a little hard to pull off especially when you're in a tropical country like mine.

I don't recommend patting on powder every hour just to get rid of the excess sebum.  The fastest, most convenient way of beating that oil factory is using oil control sheets!

It's definitely a must have.  No arguments needed.  I've tried a few brands and so far, my fave is the Palladio Rice Paper.  You can check out the others on the bottom part of this page.

Cute packaging! 

Here's a new one from NYX called Green Tea Blotting Paper.  They also have it in Peach (Tea Tree), Purple (Fresh Face) and Black (Matte).  Each box has 100 sheets.  That's a lot!

It basically has green tea as an ingredient.  A bonus on every swipe.

The actual sheet is thin.  It tends to rip easily as it absorbs oil but still manageable.

One is enough for a shine-free t-zone.  You can use either side.

I've never experienced any irritation, though I'm still not sure if the green tea thing is making a difference.  It's hard to tell actually.  

Yep, that's the price.  It's like 3.90 pesos per sheet.  It says that it doesn't remove your makeup.  Well, I don't completely agree.  After using it several times, almost everyday, I saw traces of my BB cream/concealer on it.  I'm not sure if it's because I rub it on face instead of dabbing it.  Regardless, it might remove some of your face makeup but not an issue for me.

Oh... and the scent?  Smells like normal paper.  HAHA!

used it without makeup

Blot away!  HIHI!  

You can buy this at SM Department stores, NYX store at SM Megamall or SM Annex North Edsa.  Several online shops also sell NYX products.

What do you think?

Like NYX Cosmetics Philippines on Facebook for more details.

your sweetest drug,

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  1. What’s the best oil control sheet you’ve used?
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. this one!

      if there's nothing else try, I'll repurchase Palladio! :)

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