Skin Care 101 - Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

by - August 28, 2014

Here's a popular product by Skin Food.  If you're a fan of facial scrubs, you've probably heard of this.

So, who's the hero this time?  Black Sugar.

They actually have a Black Sugar line and obviously, they are using black sugar as the key ingredient.  Brazilian black sugar, that is.  It's composed of a cleansing cream, scrub foam, bubble foam and many more.

The main benefit is deep hydration and nano nutrition.  It's effective in skin exfoliation and in removing dead skin cells while keeping the skin's natural moisture.

Honestly, it's the first time I heard about black sugar.  We only have brown, right?  HAHA!  Anyway, maybe it's the darkest and purest of brown sugar.

It's contained in a plastic tub.  Amount of product is 100g.  Not bad!

A tube would be fine as well, but with this type of container, you'll get 100% of product.  No waste.  Although I need to remind you one thing.  If water got in accidentally, better remove it cause it will somehow melt the scrub.

If you're still thinking of hygiene and you don't want to put your fingers in, I recommend using a small spoon, fork or spatula.

I exfoliate my face and neck once or twice a week.  It's important to squeeze this step in our skin care routine because of the following reasons:

1) a layer of dead skin cells is dry and rough, it contains dirt too, so removing that will result to softer and smoother skin

2) it opens up the pores making it easier for the skin to absorb all the benefits of moisturizer, serum and all other skin care stuff

3) it improves the skin condition

4) it helps rejuvenate and revitalize the skin

5) it can help improve skin complexion, no more uneven skin tone

6) it unclogs pores, resulting to smaller pore size and clearer skin (minimal blackheads and acne)

7) it speeds up the skin's renewal process

Those are just some of the benefits of exfoliation.  You don't need to do it daily, so why not, right?

Here's what it looks like.  It's actually a lot and for me, it might last for several months.

From this photo, you can quickly tell that there are sugar grains.

The consistency is very thick.  Not the sticky type as I was expecting.

What I love about it:

  • scent - very citrusy
  • it lathers up a bit as you rub it - turns into soapy liquid but no bubbles
  • abrasiveness level is enough - it feels very rough at first because of the sugar granules (i don't know what to call it HAHA!) but as you rub it, it slowly melts 
  • makes the skin super supple after
  • skin looks brighter after
  • no "botox"-tight feeling - there's still enough moisture
  • no breakout/irritation - but I'm still not sure if those who have sensitive or acne-prone skin can use this

  • make sure your fingers are dry before scooping the product - water will cause it to melt
  • avoid the eye area because it's more sensitive
  • don't forget to apply toner and moisturizer after
  • no improvement on oil-control

I don't have a before-and-after picture, so I can't show the actual result.  In terms of pore unclogging, it doesn't remove much blackheads if used alone.  I need to apply my nose pack first to open up my pores and pick up those annoying bad boys.  Then, I'll scrub my nose and cheeks real hard and attack those stubborn ones still buried.  HAHA!  I always get clearer pores after!

Overall, it's a great exfoliator.  You'll really notice the effect after every use.  Softer and smoother skin!  Yea!  

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