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by - October 17, 2014

Last week, we were looking for a resto along Jupiter St. and spotted a burger joint located at a small corner one tumbling away from Starbucks.  We decided to go for it because as you know, Kris cannot say no to a burger.

The Burger Project has almost the same concept as with any other burger restaurants in the Metro.  The make-your-own-burger has been a hype, not to mention the crazy, clever, out of this world topping combinations.

The place has a very modern and urban vibe.  It's not spacious and probably, can only accommodate 20 to 30 people.  I like the colorful graffiti-ish design especially the ceiling part.

They gave us this piece of paper (and a pen, of course) and we started doing our project.  The instruction is very straightforward as you can see.

You also get to name your own burger.

Lazy Bear Burger (195)
100% Beef - 115
Sesame Bun - free
Bleu Cheese - 35
Mixed Mushrooms - 25 (no more arugula)
Special BRGR sauce - 20

Kris ordered the pre-made designer burger called Western Bacon Mushroom.  Aside from those, we also got Mozarella sticks (around 145 php).

We loved it.  I think it's the biggest mozzarella stick we've tried so far.  And look at that filling!  It's like 90:10 ratio.  HAHA!

The salsa was a bit bland though.

Say hello to Lazy Bear!

The bun deserved a perfect score of 5 burps.  

The patty on the other hand, was lacking at many different levels.  I took a bite without the sauce or any topping and for me, the taste was not impressive.  It's also too oily.

Next, the Special BRGR sauce.  It ruined my appetite to be honest.  I hated the sweet taste.  The color reminded me of the usual ketchup+mayo sauce but it's far from that.

The bleu cheese was unnoticeable.  The sauteed mushrooms intensified my disappointment.  The mushroom flavor was super strong.

I think I only ate 1/4 of it.  Too bad.

Here's Kris' designer burger (slightly above 200 php).  If you're wondering what's that fried topping, those are onion rings!  Gigantic!

Kris put those 2 aside anyway.  Imagine taking a bite with those giant rings.  HAHA!

This burger tasted better than mine, but since mushrooms were also included, it caused a big turn off. 

We're not happy with the overall experience.  I don't know.  Maybe Kris just picked the wrong burger and I created a disastrous one.  Maybe it deserves a second chance too.  HIHI!  

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