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by - October 01, 2014

This is the last product review for my first Korean cosmetics haul.  Does it mean I can now shop for more?  HAHA!  Actually, for the second batch, I bought only 3 items and currently, I'm running out of concealer, moisturizer, face powder and there's a lot more in my wishlist.  So, I cannot wait (and I need) to shop again.

Today, I'm featuring another lip tint.  As you guys may have noticed, I'm officially obsessed with this lip product.  Though I admit, I do not have several of them in my stash as of the moment (but I do plan of getting more).  I prefer them now over the classic lippies.  For some reason, seeing these babies thrills me.  Everytime.

The brand is Aritaum and it's my first time to try it.  The product is called Pudding Tint because of the texture.  It is not the usual watery type of lip tint.


I picked the shade Lollipop and it's an orchid color.  Simply put, a shade that belongs to the purple family.  Pudding Tint is also available in red, orange and pink.

When I was browsing for tints, I was specifically looking for something in this color because I've already tried red twice and I'm crazy over purplish lip look.  As for oranges and pinks, I'd rather get them both in lipstick form, not as tints or stains.

Super pretty!  I can't stress enough how much I love this color on my lips!

It's not as intense as my other tint, but it's still pigmented.  If Delight Tony Tint is 10 in terms of color payoff, Pudding Tint is 6.  To match the first one's opaqueness, we would need about 2 to 3 layers of this.  But then again, I may be comparing an apple to a banana because the formula is different.  

Nevertheless, if we are talking about just the color, I'll give it a 10 because it could pass as one of the perfect orchid shade for me.  

Check out the collage above showing my lips with lip balm and my lips with 1 layer of Lollipop.  


It pretty much reminds me of Benefit's Lollitint not just because of the name, but also the nail-polish like bottle and the color too.  The texture looks very similar as well.  I don't have one and I haven't seen it personally, so I'm not 100% sure and I can't further give details on the comparison.  I just saw some photos.  

It has this common doe-foot applicator - not slanted and the wand is very short compared to others.  No complaints though because you can still do gradient lip look easily.

I just don't like the idea of using a non-transparent packaging because I don't see how much product is left.  I also feel that the tip is not hitting the very bottom of the bottle.  No biggie at this point, but maybe when the amount gets very little, it will be difficult for me to consume the product entirely.  :)


Even though it's not water-based, I think the finish is just the same.  It also looks very natural.  Difference is, this one takes longer time to dry so it would appear glossy at first.


It's easy to control and blend even without using your fingers.  The wand is in good quality too.

One thing to note though is that, you may have to wait for it to dry completely to see the true color.  As it sets, it becomes more saturated.  Based on my experience, I always apply 2 layers if I want a full lip color.  When I first tried this, I ended up putting on more and more product because I couldn't see the intensity that I wanted.  So, the technique is to let it sink in first because the first layer would look a bit sheer.

Just ignore the lip liner.

This is how it looks like after the 2nd layer.


I love watery lip tints, but I love this creamy, pudding-like consistency even more!  It's not very thick and it feels oh so good on the lips.

Not to mention, the adorable scent (and taste).  It's so addicting!


I start to notice the dehydrating effect after 5 hours.  According to the description online, it contains argan oil to moisturize the lips.  Not bad!

Tints like this one tends to cling better when applied on bare lips or cheeks.  However, it doesn't mean that we need to skip lip balm or even our face makeup.

As a cheek tint, I find it not effective.  See the "sharp stain"?  It's because I didn't blend it after 5 seconds.  It's also hard to make the color pop, so you'd need to apply a generous amount.  

Okay, here's the thing you're waiting for.  


I applied it around 1PM, before going to work.  Photo above was taken when I was about to leave the house.

This one was taken after eating dinner around 7PM.  My lips look a little dry here.

After 1 hour...

Chapped lips entered the scene.

I did not apply lip balm.  Just once, before applying makeup.

After another hour, the color was still there but it's not as vivid as before.  Maybe it looks still pigmented in the photo above just because of the lighting and the quality of my phone's front camera.

Net, it lasts throughout the day.  Oh baby, I'm impressed!  The color fades a little bit but lasting power is still great.  No need to re-apply multiple times.  It doesn't transfer on things easily as well.  

I applied 2 layers for this test.  Perhaps, one layer will fade easier and quicker.  

I love Lollipop Pudding Tint!  It's perfect for everyday looks and it enhances your complexion because of the bright, candy-like color.  

Although it won't pass as a great cheek tint, overall, I'm still very happy with this product. I might even try one of it's sisters.  HAHA!

One last #selfie!

I haven't tried to do a gradient lip look yet with this tint, but will do share photos soon!

What do you think?

You can buy this from The Chic Closet.  You'll get free samples too!

your sweetest drug,

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